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Personal Training In Your Pocket

Welcome to the revolution in exercise learning. Using motion capture technology and professional trainers, we've brought you the best way to learn proper form, letting you maximize your workouts while maintaining safety from injury so you can keep on going. Click the 'Learn More' button to see a complete list of features.
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Join others in discussing exercises! From favorites to variations and tips, you can share and contribute to making RealiFit the most accurate and complete exercise education app there is. You can also discuss workouts, both in the app, and just your tried and true favorites.
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We hope you don't need it, but you can contact us here if you are having any issues with the application. We had a fairly large test audience, but some bugs, just slip through the cracks sometimes. With your help we can make sure RealiFit stays reliable and meets the stability expectations of our users.
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Workout Of The Day

Get the current workout of the day, or view previous ones. You will find that many of these WODs are already in the RealiFit mobile app for you to follow along with. Most of our exercises require minimal equipment, if any. This cancels any excuses your friends have about not having access to an affordable gym.
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