Personal training in your pocket.

Welcome to the revolution in exercise learning. Many apps use simple 2D graphics or videos to demonstrate how to perform various exercises.

RealiFit let’s you see the motions of each exercise in full 3D. You can view, pause, and step through each exercise that was obtained by motion capturing certified professional trainers. Get interactive tips on how to prepare and execute every rep safely and efficiently. See WHERE and WHEN you should feel the burn. Use RealiFit’s Workout mode to guide you and keep track of your place in preset workouts.

– 35 exercises motion captured in 3D
– 5 exercises shown in BAD FORM, explaining common mistakes
– Visual guide lines to help teach proper form and target positioning
– Muscle region highlighting to know when and where you should feel the burn
– 2 3D environments (Gym, Home)
– 45+ preset workouts to follow along (categorized into Upper, Lower, Full Body, Cardio, and Abs)
– Minimal equipment needed for most workouts
– Several workouts require no equipment, just your own body
– Voice-overs for rep count and exercise names
– Motivational quotes

DISCLAIMER: RealiFit is a product of Twisted Dragon Media, LLC. The information provided on this site are suggestions based on the feedback and analysis of certified personal trainers and is provided to you free of charge with no assumption of liability by Twisted Dragon Media, LLC. Twisted Dragon Media, LLC does not provide liability insurance for the protection of readers, spectators, participants or others from the use of this information or application.

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