App Store Description

December 5, 2013 by News Comments

Here is the official description of RealiFit that you will be seeing soon on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. ========================== Personal training in your pocket. Welcome to the revolution in exercise learning. Many apps use simple 2D graphics or videos to […]

RealiFit v1.0 has been submitted for review to the Apple Store

December 3, 2013 by News Comments

We are running tight on time to hit our goal of Fall 2013, but we just submitted v1.0 of RealiFit to the Apple Store! We’ll keep you posted on it’s progress and release date as we get it.

Exercise List for v1.0

November 13, 2013 by News Comments

As we near code complete status, and are working on filling out all of our content we wanted to share with you what you can expect to see in the initial release. Below is the list of exercises that you will be able to learn […]